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All Wood Wash

All Wood Wash

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Remarkable hydrogen peroxide-based formula infused with natural wood brighteners that continues to attract praise after praise. In contrast to the traditional options like chlorine bleach or TSP, which tend to leave a synthetic, bleached appearance on the wood surface, our innovative Oxy All Wood Wash stands out for its ability to deliver a consistently clean finish without any blotchy or artificially whitened effects. It's almost as if a refreshing fountain of compliments is bestowed upon each application. 

Our Oxy All Wood Wash eliminates the need for harsh bleaching agents, instead offering a powdered formulation that, when mixed with water, unleashes countless micro-bubbles. These bubbles work diligently to dislodge any mold or fungus clinging to the wood surfaces. What sets us apart is the natural adhesive component we've incorporated, ensuring the product adheres effectively to vertical or steep surfaces long enough to facilitate a thorough cleaning process before rinsing off. By employing a gentle scrubbing with a brush and a rinse from a regular garden hose, you can effortlessly rejuvenate your cedar shakes, shingles, or decking planks, safeguarding them from premature decay.

Opting for pressure washing on untreated cedar surfaces can exacerbate the issue instead of resolving it. The sheer force of direct pressure can embed mold spores deeper into the wood, potentially leading to a swift resurgence of mold if you intend to apply a stain or sealant afterward. We caution against high-pressure washing methods as they not only spread the mold across a larger area but also pose a risk of damaging the wood surface. By first treating the mold with Oxy All Wood Wash, then lightly pressure washing at a pressure of 1000 psi or less, you not only expedite the cleaning process but also prevent the spread of mold and the risk of wood damage, all the while restoring the wood to its original splendor.

Add 125 ml of Oxy All Wood Wash (1/2 cup or 3 capfuls per gallon) to 4 L  of water. If available, warm water dissolves best. Mix well, stirring frequently, then allow the solution to fully activate for 15 minutes before use. Clean in small enough sections that can be kept wet. Apply the solution with a garden style hand pump sprayer, scrub with a stiff deck brush, then rinse with fresh water and move onto the next
section. Note that if the wood is painted or previously stained and the coating is in poor shape, Oxy All Wood Wash may lift worn spots. If in doubt, it is always good to test in an inconspicuous spot.

Avoid letting overspray dry on glass as it leaves a difficult to clean residue.

Active ingredient: hydrogen peroxide 

850 g will clean 60 0 –90 0 sq. ft.
4.5 kg will clean 3,0 0 0 –4,0 0 0 sq. ft.
18 kg will clean 12,0 0 0 –16,0 0 0 sq. ft.
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