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Honda iGX800 Gear Drive 11 GPM at 3000 PSI Comercial Pressure Washer

Honda iGX800 Gear Drive 11 GPM at 3000 PSI Comercial Pressure Washer

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MGD-1035HA Honda iGX800 Gear Drive 11 GPM at 3000 PSI Comercial Pressure Washer

Our custom made MDG-1035HA is a large commercial unit with a very small compact footprint.

Honda iGX800 Motor With AR Annovi Reverbi Pump 11GPM XWL41-20N

 The Honda iGX800 Gear Drive 11 GPM at 3000 PSI.

AR XWL41-20N Pump

3 Year Limited Honda Warranty

Premium Pump 5-year limited warranty

Honda IGX800 Fuel injected V-twin Motor. This is the most powerful model in its class, paired with industry leading fuel injection and updated electronics. This is truly a, “Smart Motor,” and the future of the industry. The Honda IGX800 is capable of full diagnostic scans and is capable of providing a code for each type of error. This motor is offered in the TAPP configuration, which provides 26 recharging Amps, allowing this machine to be paired with hot boxes.


  • Both the motor and pump have custom length oil drains installed to allow for fast and easy maintenance. Any length on the oil drains can be manufactured in house to fit any configuration, upon request.


Unloader Options:

Standard VRT-3 Unloader or K7 Unloader*

Manatee Gear Drives ship with the best hose in the industry! All our builds include a Gun/ Wand Assembly, Tips, and a 50ft section of FIERCE JET Hose!

Motor Oil : 10w30

Pump Oil: 30wt Non-Detergent


30 x 22 x 18

**Machines have a 1-2 Week lead time before shipping** 

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