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One Restore

One Restore

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OneRestore® provides remarkable versatility, cleaning power, and safety all in one. It is appropriate for single or multiple surface restoration. OneRestore® is capable of removing the deepest stains. OneRestore® can also be used to safely remove deposits on glass and anodized aluminum. OneRestore® is a great choice for cleaning and restoring college campuses; government facilities, hospitals, and office buildings.


• Excellent for removing virtually all stains, including mineral oxide stains, environmental pollution stains, and rust.

• Spray-on/rinse-off application process improves productivity. No scrubbing required.

• Restoration using one product simplifies the process and reduces protection requirements.

• No harm to plants from rinsed product when used as directed.

• Safe on glass and anodized aluminum when used as directed. • Ideal for deep stain removal from porous substrates.

• Safe for non-colored horizontal concrete, such as driveways and sidewalks.

• Biodegradable Limitations

• Do not allow product to dry on the surface. Always rinse thoroughly.

• Do not use on polished stone or oxide films used for tinting glass or self cleaning glass.

• Not suitable for certain low-fire tiles when using extended dwell times.

• Not recommended for colored horizontal surfaces.

• Do not allow to puddle and dwell on horizontal surfaces.

• Do not use on galvanized metal.


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