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Exterior Cleaning Supplies

Unger ErgoTec® Ninja T-Bar

Unger ErgoTec® Ninja T-Bar

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The Ninja tools represent Unger's premium collection of traditional Window Cleaning tools, with a number of features designed to ensure that Window Cleaners work quickly, provide a pristine finish every time, and have tools that feel comfortable in their hands all day, every day. 

Here's what sets the Ninja T-Bar apart:

Ergonomic Shape -  The hand tools are designed to perfectly fit in your hand and are made from high-quality anti-slip rubber for better comfort and perfect control.    

Swivel function - the hand tools include a swivel 180 degree feature, that is perfect for pole work and hard-to-reach areas. The adjustable stainless steel screw to increase/decrease the swivel tension. The centre position can also be fixed with the lock button

Anodised Aluminium - These versatile materials ensure the T-Bar is robust yet lightweight. 

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